Estimating and Scheduling Practioner (ESP)

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Estimating and Scheduling Practioner (ESP)

ISBN: 978-1-939877-06-2

Learn about various types of estimates and the skills of an estimator. Learn a step-by-step approach in preparing project schedules utilizing the critical path method and precedence schedules

Title information

Architectural Drawings

  • How the estimate is structured
  • Important considerations when preparing the estimate
  • Quantity surveying and pricing methods for several major trade categories

Estimating Principles

  • Important characteristics of an estimate
  • Estimator’s role and qualifications
  • 5 different types of estimates
  • Sources of cost data
  • Components of a detailed estimate

Preparing the Bid

  • The difference between general and job overhead
  • The purpose of alternate bids
  • Common bid errors and what to do about them
  • The various uses of the estimate
  • How to prepare a bid

Project Scheduling

  • The significance of planning, scheduling and controlling a project
  • The elements, attributes and development of a schedule
  • Precedence diagramming and schedule calculations
  • How to properly communicate the schedule
  • Resource allocation and leveling, cash flow, and schedule updating
Pages: 111
Language: English
Publisher: NAWIC Education Foundation
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