Construction Industry Technician (CIT)

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Construction Industry Technician (CIT)

ISBN: 978-1-939877-01-7

The CIT represents an overview of the construction industry and its processes. Lessons to be covered include such subjects as type of construction, forms of business ownership, contractual arrangements, contract documents, and the construction process.

Title information

Construction Trade Associations

identifies and reviews the differences between construction trade association, professional societies, and institutes that influence the company

Forms of Business Ownership

describes the different forms of business ownership, and explains the advantages and disadvantages of each type: sole proprietorship, partnerships, and corporations.

Contractual Arrangements and Contract Agreements

analyzes the different types of contractual arrangements, as well as the key individuals involved in a construction contract. Further discussion involves the differences between a competitive and negotiated bid, and dissects different types of agreements.

Construction Contract Documents

explains the components of construction contract documents, and differentiates between different types of working drawings.

The Construction Process

reviews the stages in the construction process, describing the activities involved in each state of the process. Zoning laws, building codes and construction documents required during planning, construction and close-out will also be discussed.

Construction Insurance and Bonding

Identifies the types of risks involved in construction, and explains the concepts of risk management. Principles and concepts of insurance, bonding and suretyship will be emphasized while identifying the types of business insurance contractors typically obtain

Pages: 113
Publisher: NAWIC Education Foundation
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